This site aims to be “Reddit for people in hurry”, it is a collection of the best contents taken from Reddit, for your convenience. 🙂

Detailed explanation below.

What is this site about?

This is a collection of useful tips or “life hacks”, stories from people all across the world, things-you-should-know, also relationship advice. For some lenghty comments, I try to summarize it (make a Too-Long-Don’t-Read / TLDR version), but more often than not, you’d better off reading the whole comment or story.

I also categorized them based on the helpfulness or which kind of problem it solves, like: General Worldview, Self Improvement, Relationship Advice. More categories will be added later if necessary.

Reddit has an upvote/downvote system, if you like a comment or thread, you can “upvote” it to give more points. If you dislike a comment, you can give it minus points by downvoting. You can also pay a small amount of money, to gift someone a Reddit Gold, this is some kind of “Award” system, usually proves that a comment is worthy or well, like the idioms say, “pure gold”

Why I created this site?

I created this website because Reddit has a lot of “hidden gems”, and more people should read it. There are tons of stories, lessons, life tips that’s stored and scattered across the Reddit server. Some posts are taken from old parts of Reddit, the oldest was 5 years ago.

If a comment gets deleted, or an author deleted his/her account, then the content will be gone forever. That’s why sometimes I keep a copy (copy-pasted the whole comment) somewhere in my hard disk.

The other reason is, unfortunately, my country blocks access to Reddit (on almost any ISPs). So by having the content on this website, maybe it should help those who can’t get to open Reddit.