A kid who loves Minecraft

This is one of the “story-mode” comments that is eye-opening for me, I really like it so I saved it immediately. I won’t put any comments or summaries this time, just read the story below. 🙂

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Honestly I find a lot of times why these kids get so anti-social is because none of the grown ups care or even understand what the kid is talking about.

My younger cousin is, shocker, extremely into minecraft. His parents hate it, they don’t get it, and they can’t see whats so cool about it.

So when sitting across from the table of this quiet kid playing on his DS and I mention something about Minecraft to my GF, its like a switch gets flipped.

Kids DS is put down on the table his eyes go wide, “You play minecraft…?!” asks, shocked. I’m an adult, who likes video games? What? How?

I laugh and tell him, yes, Minecraft is super cool and I think its a wonderful learning tool and means of expression. He wants to show me all his cool stuff he has made in his game, so I’m like, “Sure, I’d love to see!”

And, lo and behold, as he’s leading me downstairs to show me his creations, his parents see and go, “You’re not going to bug Lionhart280 with that silly minecraft stuff, are you?” To which they look at me apologetically, “Once he starts going on about it he won’t stop…”

Fuck. Are we serious right now? I nod to the kid, “No I’d love to see it actually”

This kid is actually pretty fucking good at the game it turns out. He’s like 12 years old and has learned a rudimentary understanding of redstone, and is learning how to properly do AND/NOT/OR gates and the usual.

He’s got an automatic potion crafting system, automatic smelters, all sorts of super cool shit.

And his parents have no fucking clue.

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