Hard Truths to Accept – the sooner, the better

The thread’s title was named “What is the most depressing truth that you’ve had to accept?”. It is posted on this specific subreddit: r/AskReddit. I love reading through AskReddit threads, because it should at least give me a different view of the world, from a person maybe a continent away from me, but still quite relevant and relatable.

Here are the answers, and also some replies to them:

1. About love and marriage

by KillaCallie – 30.9k points – 1 year ago
Just because you think someone is “the one”, doesn’t mean they think you are.

[deleted user] – 7.4k points – 1 year ago
Extra pain is that other person will tell you that you are the one because its the easy option

b-monster666 – 1.6k points – 1 year ago – edited 1 year ago
Been down that road. Married the love of my life, had two beautiful children with her. One day, she says to me, “Why did you marry me?” I said, “Because I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you…why did you marry me then?” Her response was, “Because I felt sorry for you.”

We separated shortly after that…granted, I haven’t felt better about myself from the moment she walked out the door.

Edit: Thanks for all the love and support, Internet best friends. 🙂 I’m a much better man now than when she left me, there were some rough days, but I’m all good now. I may harp on the past from time to time, but I really don’t dwell on it.

2. The unfairness of life (The user user deleted his account and and whole comment — but luckily I saved it somewhere. That’s why I can’t know the points)

by FoolishWhim
Life will never be fair. You can do the right thing for your entire life and still get shit on around every corner.

by eanx100 – 10.4k points – 1 year ago
But why isn’t it ever unfair in my favor? –Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes

by BradSavage64 – 6.8k points – 1 year ago
“It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness; that is life.” –Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek the Next Generation

3. Some bite-sized wisdom

by SteelingHearts – 8.0k points – 2 years ago
That you cannot help someone who refuses to help themselves.

by S0L0M0NGRUUNDY- 8.7k points – 2 years ago
That trying to make everyone happy is impossible.

by SmokingAnt – 1.9k points – 3 years ago
Discipline beats motivation by a long shot. You’re not going anywhere by thinking that you’re smart but you just can’t motivate yourself

4. Long, insightful answer

by Calamity58 – 9306 points- 2 years ago – 3 Gold

While I agree with what others have said, I do think that a lot of people have trouble being honest with themselves and others about changing feelings. One day, someone might wake up next to their lover and feel that there is really nothing there anymore. But they choose not to say anything, since they think it might hurt them. Just put it off for one day. But one day turns into one week. One week turns into a month. A month into a year. And years snowball into huge chunks of time. And over those lost years, people become bitter because they can’t even remember why they felt that way in he first place; all they know is that they do now. And they become spiteful. Angry. Angry at their lovers for not having the intuition to see what was happening. Angry at themselves for not being honest. And angry people make bad decisions. They sleep with other people to get back at their lover because they feel like he or she won’t understand any other way. But also to drown out their own conscious, which tells them that they are wrong. All because one day, some years ago, they woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or had an argument that went just a tiny bit too far.

You know what I miss most about being a child? The power to forgive. When we are kids, we have such a short memory, and grudges seem like such fatalistic realities. We might tell someone we hate them, but in 10 minutes, we will hug and make up and that hate will be gone forever. But as we grow, we become more set in our ways. Our feet become planted in the ground like tree roots, and every fiber of our being tells us we are right. And one day, when we tell someone that we hate them, that’s it. We won’t speak for 25 years. Why should we not hug and make up? Our feelings are much the same between our youthful selves and our adult selves. What is worth fighting so severely over that cannot be so honestly resolved by just being truthful about your emotions?

People fall out of love, sure, but how much more love would the world have if we all just spoke honestly about our feelings?


Nizzore – 2.8k points – 2 years ago

Someone once told me “resentment is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die”

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